Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beach stone pendantbeach pebble, mustard yellowbeach pebble, handmade pendant necklace on leather cord



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A bea autumn jewelrych stone to wea autumn jewelryr everyda autumn jewelryy!\rI found this musta autumn jewelryrdy-yellow stone on a autumn jewelry Northern Ca autumn jewelrylifornia autumn jewelry bea autumn jewelrych. So pretty, just begging to be jewelry!\rI fa autumn jewelrybrica autumn jewelryted a autumn jewelry la autumn jewelrycy bezel out of sterling silver a autumn jewelrynd soldered it to a autumn jewelry copper ba autumn jewelryckpla autumn jewelryte. \rThis penda autumn jewelrynt is not perfectly round or ba autumn jewelryla autumn jewelrynced-it is more freeform to fit the stone within. I ha autumn jewelryve not trea autumn jewelryted the stone a autumn jewelryt a autumn jewelryll, it is not polished. It is a autumn jewelry lovely ma autumn jewelrytte yellow with tons of tiny deta autumn jewelryils within the stone. My best guess to type is some sort of qua autumn jewelryrtz.\r\rBoth the copper a autumn jewelrynd the silver will da autumn jewelryrken with a autumn jewelryge. \r\rThis is a autumn jewelry one of a autumn jewelry kind neckla autumn jewelryce, while I will be putting forwa autumn jewelryrd a autumn jewelry series of bea autumn jewelrych stones, ea autumn jewelrych will be different a autumn jewelrys per the stone. You will receive the pictured neckla autumn jewelryce.\rThis neckla autumn jewelryce is rea autumn jewelrydy to ship.\r\rLea autumn jewelryther cord is 18" with sterling silver findings.\rPenda autumn jewelrynt is 3/4"\r\rFor more of my bea autumn jewelrych stone jewelry look here: http://www./shop/Ia autumn jewelrycua autumn jewelryByRuby/sea autumn jewelryrch?sea autumn jewelryrch_query=bea autumn jewelrych+stone&order=da autumn jewelryte_desc&view_type=ga autumn jewelryllery&ref=shop_sea autumn jewelryrch

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