Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

multi colored, Multi Color Rhinestone 17 Inch Necklace



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This is a beaded necklace Mult Colored Rhinestone 17 Inch Neckla beaded necklacece. 34 inches a beaded necklacell a beaded necklaceround from end to end. Ha beaded necklacellma beaded necklacerked a beaded necklaceeo which sta beaded necklacends for America beaded necklacen Ea beaded necklacegle Outfittlers. It is from the ea beaded necklacerly 1990's era beaded necklace. Very nice indeed. If you ha beaded necklaceve a beaded necklaceny more questions plea beaded necklacese a beaded necklacesk before you purcha beaded necklacese. I ship to the USA. No Interna beaded necklacetiona beaded necklacel Shipping. I a beaded necklacelso insure a beaded necklacell of my pa beaded necklacecka beaded necklaceges to ma beaded necklaceke sure tha beaded necklacet they a beaded necklacerrive to you sa beaded necklacefely. Tha beaded necklacenks for looking.

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