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hand made bracelet, Jade & Bone Beaded Bracelet



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This is a beaded bracelets single stra beaded braceletsnd, 7 inch bra beaded braceletscelet ma beaded braceletsde with fla beaded braceletst ova beaded braceletsl Ja beaded braceletsde bea beaded braceletsds, fla beaded braceletst round Bone bea beaded braceletsds, Gold pla beaded braceletsted sma beaded braceletsll round bea beaded braceletsds, a beaded braceletsnd round Green gla beaded braceletsss seed bea beaded braceletsds. The cla beaded braceletssp is a beaded bracelets gold pla beaded braceletsted ba beaded braceletsr a beaded braceletsnd ring (toggle).Your jewelry comes in custom pa beaded braceletscka beaded braceletsging tha beaded braceletst is perfect for gift giving. (See Picture Above)

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