Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelet, Vintage Tribal Bronze and Shell Cuff Bracelet. Large statement bracelet. Vintage boho bracelet. Fall fashion. Boho bracelet.



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For your considera cuff bracelettion, is this a cuff braceletma cuff braceletzing bronze a cuff braceletnd wha cuff bracelett I think\ris synthetic bone, or a cuff braceletcrylic, bra cuff braceletcelet, mea cuff braceletnt to look like bone.\r\rI must a cuff braceletdmit, it's pretty convincing, a cuff braceletnd a cuff bracelet rea cuff braceletlly grea cuff bracelett piece!\r\rAbout:\r\rMa cuff braceletteria cuff braceletls: Bronze, Bone or Shell/Acrylic\rMea cuff braceletsurements: Inside Dia cuff braceletmeter: 2.5", Outside Dia cuff braceletmeter, Width: 1"\r\r++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++\r\r_______________________________________________________________________________\r\rShipping: All orders a cuff braceletre shipped within 3-5 da cuff braceletys of purcha cuff braceletse. Combined shipping on items is not a cuff bracelet problem, just convo for the cost to sa cuff braceletve.\r\rReturns: All sa cuff braceletles a cuff braceletre Fina cuff braceletl.\r\rAll of the items in my shop a cuff braceletre in vinta cuff braceletge rustic condition. They a cuff braceletre not bra cuff braceletnd new, a cuff braceletnd ma cuff bracelety ha cuff braceletve scra cuff bracelettches, scuffs, pa cuff bracelettina cuff bracelets tha cuff bracelett enha cuff braceletnce a cuff bracelets they a cuff braceletge. I try to describe items a cuff braceletccura cuff bracelettely, a cuff braceletnd describe a cuff braceletny fla cuff braceletws tha cuff bracelett a cuff bracelet piece ma cuff bracelety ha cuff braceletve. Everything is sold "AS-IS".\r\rPlea cuff braceletse check out my shop policies for further info.\r\r______________________________________________________________________________\r\rCheck out my blog here: cuff bracelet/\r\rCheck out my other etsy shop fea cuff braceletturing my a cuff braceletrtwork: http://www./shop/touchthedutch\r\rTha cuff braceletnks for looking a cuff braceletnd Ta cuff braceletke ca cuff braceletre!

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