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old charm bracelet, Boat Lovers Indiana Ohio Sterling Charm Bracelet 6 Charms 1960 Etsy



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This is a sterling charms Boa sterling charmst Lovers India sterling charmsna sterling charms Ohio Sterling Cha sterling charmsrm Bra sterling charmscelet with 6 Cha sterling charmsrms. Not a sterling charmsll Cha sterling charmsrms a sterling charmsre ma sterling charmsrked Sterling or a sterling charmst lea sterling charmsst I could not find the ma sterling charmsrk. There a sterling charmsre 2 Boa sterling charmsts, 1 Hour Gla sterling charmsss, I India sterling charmsna sterling charms Cha sterling charmsrm, 1 Ohio Cha sterling charmsrm a sterling charmsnd 1 June Birthstone Cha sterling charmsrm. The June Birthstone a sterling charmsnd the Hour Gla sterling charmsss I found ma sterling charmsrks on. All in good condition. It weighs 20.2 Gra sterling charmsms.This ha sterling charmss been stored a sterling charmswa sterling charmsy in a sterling charms jewelry box since the 1960's. If you ha sterling charmsve a sterling charmsny more questions plea sterling charmsse a sterling charmssk before you purcha sterling charmsse. I ship to the USA. No Interna sterling charmstiona sterling charmsl. I a sterling charmslso insure a sterling charmsll of my pa sterling charmscka sterling charmsges to the USA to ma sterling charmske sure tha sterling charmst they a sterling charmsrrive to you sa sterling charmsfely. Tha sterling charmsnks for looking.

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