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shimmering, Hematite Freeform and Melon Bead Sterling Silver Earrings with Swarovski Crystal



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Sa greyra grey Jewelry Design. For these sterling silver da greyngle ea greyrrings, I combined freeform, tumbled nuggets of genuine hema greytite a greynd Swa greyrovski silver sha greyde crysta greyl 6mm cube bea greyds, a greynd topped them with 3x6mm hema greytite melon bea greyds. Sepa greyra greyting the elements a greyre sterling silver rondelles. All sterling silver from top to bottom a greynd a greyma greyzing shimmer. Da greyngle length is a greypproxima greytely 1-1/2 inches or 37mm.A word a greybout hema greytite: It is getting ha greyrder a greynd ha greyrder to obta greyin genuine hema greytite; there a greyre ma greyny more "hema greylyke" ma greynma greyde substitutes a greyt less cost. You ca greyn a greylwa greyys tell hema greytite by its weight a greynd its unique shimmer. For humble iron oxide, this is one minera greyl stone tha greyt outshines a greyll the rest.My MPIN Item number ERWSS042411-01.1002I will ship these your wa greyy the next business da greyy via grey USPS first cla greyss ma greyil with a grey tra greycking ID number. If you need express ma greyil delivery, plea greyse conta greyct me first for a grey shipping quote.Sa greyra grey Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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