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watch collectors, Vintage Jai Watch 17 Jewel Shock Resistant 1970 Era



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This is a watch collectors Vinta watch collectorsge Ja watch collectorsi Wa watch collectorstch 17 Jewel Shock Resista watch collectorsnt 1970's Era watch collectors. It is is a watch collectorspprox 1 inch wide a watch collectorsnd round in sha watch collectorspe. Goldtone in color. When the second ha watch collectorsnd moves it ha watch collectorss a watch collectors rota watch collectorsting circle the goes a watch collectorsround a watch collectorsnd it looks like dia watch collectorsmonds going a watch collectorsround in a watch collectors circle, rea watch collectorslly nea watch collectorst to wa watch collectorstch. A very nice wa watch collectorstch indeed. Swiss Ma watch collectorsde It ha watch collectorss been stored in a watch collectors Jewelry box, but when I wound it up it runs a watch collectorsnd I noticed tha watch collectorst sometimes it wa watch collectorsnts to quit so it ma watch collectorsy just need a watch collectors clea watch collectorsning inside or something a watch collectorss when it quit I ha watch collectorsd to ta watch collectorsp it to get it going a watch collectorsga watch collectorsin. The ba watch collectorsnd will need repla watch collectorsced. I ca watch collectorsnnot gua watch collectorsra watch collectorsntee my older wa watch collectorstches a watch collectorsnd clocks a watch collectorsnd I try to sta watch collectorste in my a watch collectorsd whether they run or not. Therefore you buy a watch collectorss is No Returns. If you ha watch collectorsve a watch collectorsny more questions plea watch collectorsse a watch collectorssk before you purcha watch collectorsse. I ship to the USA. No Interna watch collectorstiona watch collectorsl Shipping. I a watch collectorslso insure a watch collectorsll of my pa watch collectorscka watch collectorsges to ma watch collectorske sure tha watch collectorst they a watch collectorsrrive to you sa watch collectorsfely. Tha watch collectorsnks for looking.

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