Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tiered necklace, Native American Black Beads and Seed Beads etc. 22 Inch Necklace



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This is a tiered necklace Na tiered necklacetive America tiered necklacen Bla tiered necklaceck Bea tiered necklaceds a tiered necklacend Seed Bea tiered necklaceds etc. 22 Inch Neckla tiered necklacece . I ma tiered necklacede it a tiered necklace few yea tiered necklacer a tiered necklacego. It ha tiered necklaces a tiered necklace hook on the ends a tiered necklacend dra tiered necklacepes in Tiers downwa tiered necklacerd in sections when pla tiered necklaceced a tiered necklaceround your neck. The La tiered necklacerger Bea tiered necklaceds a tiered necklacere Rose colored, Da tiered necklacerk Purple colored a tiered necklacend Da tiered necklacerk Aqua tiered necklace colored. The a tiered necklacequa tiered necklace shows lighter in my photo but is truly da tiered necklacerker in person, my ca tiered necklacemera tiered necklace did not a tiered necklacedjust right. If you ha tiered necklaceve a tiered necklaceny more questions plea tiered necklacese a tiered necklacesk before you purcha tiered necklacese. I ship to the USA. No Interna tiered necklacetiona tiered necklacel Shipping. I a tiered necklacelso insure a tiered necklacell of my pa tiered necklacecka tiered necklaceges to ma tiered necklaceke sure tha tiered necklacet they a tiered necklacerrive to you sa tiered necklacefely. Tha tiered necklacenks for looking.

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