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watch collectors, Qty of 2 Vintage Watches Westclox and Timex 1970 Era



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This is a timex Qty of 2 Vinta timexge Wa timextches 1 Westclox a timexnd 1 Timex 1970's Era timex. They a timexre both Qua timexrtz wa timextches a timexnd will both need a timex ba timexttery. All in good condition with norma timexl a timexge wea timexr. The Westclox is goldtone in color a timexnd ha timexs a timex mesh bra timexcelet Sta timexinless Steel Ba timexck. The Timex is silvertone a timexnd Goldtone mixed in color a timexnd ha timexs a timex cha timexin link style ba timexnd, Ba timexse Meta timexl Bezel a timexnd Sta timexinless Steel. I ca timexnnot gua timexra timexntee my older wa timextches a timexnd clocks a timexnd I try to sta timexte in my a timexd whether they run or not. Therefore you buy a timexs is No Returns. If you ha timexve a timexny more questions plea timexse a timexsk before you purcha timexse. I ship to the USA. No Interna timextiona timexl Shipping. I a timexlso insure a timexll of my pa timexcka timexges to ma timexke sure tha timext they a timexrrive to you sa timexfely. Tha timexnks for looking.

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