Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone pendant, Rhinestone Bracelet and Pendant 1970 Era



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This is a rhinestone pendant Rhinestone Bra rhinestone pendantcelet a rhinestone pendantnd Penda rhinestone pendantnt. The Bra rhinestone pendantcelet is a rhinestone pendant stretcha rhinestone pendantble bra rhinestone pendantcelet a rhinestone pendantnd the Penda rhinestone pendantnt is round a rhinestone pendantnd mea rhinestone pendantsures a rhinestone pendantpprox. 1 1/2 inches a rhinestone pendantcross. It does not ha rhinestone pendantve a rhinestone pendant cha rhinestone pendantin tha rhinestone pendantt comes with it. The bra rhinestone pendantcelet stretches to a rhinestone pendantpprox 4 3/4 inches. No ma rhinestone pendantrkings tha rhinestone pendantt I could find. All Rhinestones in good sha rhinestone pendantpe a rhinestone pendantnd a rhinestone pendantll there. If you ha rhinestone pendantve a rhinestone pendantny more questions plea rhinestone pendantse a rhinestone pendantsk before you purcha rhinestone pendantse. I ship to the USA. No Interna rhinestone pendanttiona rhinestone pendantl. I a rhinestone pendantlso insure a rhinestone pendantll of my pa rhinestone pendantcka rhinestone pendantges to the USA to ma rhinestone pendantke sure tha rhinestone pendantt they a rhinestone pendantrrive to you sa rhinestone pendantfely. Tha rhinestone pendantnks for looking.

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