Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SIGNED WEISS Rhinestone 1960s Demi Parure50s costume jewelry, Emerald RHINESTONE Set with Pin50s costume jewelry, Brooch and Earrings



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Ma 50s designerrquise or na 50s designervette sha 50s designerped emera 50s designerld rhinestones a 50s designernd Swa 50s designerrovski crysta 50s designerls ma 50s designerke this bea 50s designerutiful vinta 50s designerge set by Albert Weiss. The qua 50s designerlity of this designer set is evident by the fa 50s designerct tha 50s designert a 50s designerll stones a 50s designerre prong set a 50s designernd not one ha 50s designers cha 50s designernged color. The lea 50s designerf like design wa 50s designers a 50s designer very popula 50s designerr motif ba 50s designerck in the da 50s designery. The ba 50s designercks of the ea 50s designerrrings a 50s designernd the brooch a 50s designerre both ma 50s designerrked WEISS.Brooch is on the la 50s designerrger side mea 50s designersuring a 50s designerbout 2 x 3". Ea 50s designerrrings a 50s designerre 1 1/2" x 3/4".Excellent condition.. Both the ea 50s designerrring clips a 50s designernd pin ba 50s designerck work fine. I love the 3 dimensiona 50s designerl sha 50s designerpe of the brooch. No stones a 50s designerre missing.

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