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Rare Large DOCTOR DRESS Clip1940s, Vintage 1930's Dazzling Rhinestone STATEMENT Piece1940s, Brooch Pin



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On the la statementrge side mea statementsuring a statementbout 3.5" long x 2" wide, this hea statementvy vinta statementge rhinestone dress clip is a statement rea statementl designer bea statementuty! Ma statementde by "Doctor Dress" in the 1930's, it boa statementsts gorgeous clea statementr gla statementss stones tha statementt a statementre bea statementutifully prong set in silvertone meta statementl. A wonderful clip tha statementt ca statementn be worn on a statement coa statementt la statementpel or the center of a statement da statementring neckline. Would ma statementke a statement grea statementt piece if clipped onto a statement vinta statementge rhinestone neckla statementce! This piece in in grea statementt sha statementpe. The top ma statementrquise looks like a statement 50's repla statementcement a statements it spa statementrkles a statement bit more tha statementn the others, still the displa statementy is fa statementbulous! The bra statementss pla statementque a statementt the bottom sa statementys "Doctor Dress" who ma statementde dresses in the 30's a statementnd 40s. The clip works grea statementt. A ra statementre designer piece.Like this item a statementnd looking for more like it? Are you a statement dea statementler a statementnd wa statementnt to buy in qua statementntity? Check out our new store on etsy for wholesa statementle vinta statementge purcha statementsing:http://www./shop/truevinta statementgewholesa statementle

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