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copper bracelet, Copper and Brass Bracelet 1960 Era



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This is a copper bracelet Vinta copper braceletge Copper a copper braceletnd Bra copper braceletss Bra copper braceletcelet 1960 Era copper bracelet. Ma copper braceletde in India copper bracelet, Looks to be ha copper braceletndma copper braceletde. It mea copper braceletsures a copper braceletpprox 1 inch wide. It mea copper braceletsures a copper braceletpprox. 8 inches a copper braceletround on the inside dimensions. Good condition with norma copper braceletl a copper braceletge wea copper braceletr. If you ha copper braceletve a copper braceletny more questions plea copper braceletse a copper braceletsk before you purcha copper braceletse. I ship to the USA. No Interna copper bracelettiona copper braceletl Shipping. I a copper braceletlso insure a copper braceletll of my pa copper braceletcka copper braceletges to ma copper braceletke sure tha copper bracelett they a copper braceletrrive to you sa copper braceletfely. Tha copper braceletnks for looking.

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