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jewelry, Vintage Native American Design Deep Dark Cherry Red Garnet Sterling Silver Ring



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This is a native american Vinta native americange Na native americantive America native americann Design Deep Da native americanrk Cherry Red Ga native americanrnet Sterling Silver Ring. It is in good condition with norma native americanl a native americange wea native americanr. The size is 8 1/2. The sterling design ha native americans a native american Na native americantive America native americann design surrounding the stone in the sterling pa native americanrt. I included photo's the best tha native americant I could of the ha native americanllma native americanrks from my ca native americanmera native american. You ca native americann ba native americanrely rea native americand it but it is ma native americanrked 925 a native americannd it looks like twice beca native americanuse they could not get the 9 to print so you ma native americaninly see the 25. Very Pretty a native americannd Unique. I ship to the USA. No Interna native americantiona native americanl shipping. I a native americanlso insure a native americanll of my pa native americancka native americanges to the USA to ma native americanke sure tha native americant they a native americanrrive to you sa native americanfely. Any questions, plea native americanse a native americansk before purcha native americansing. Tha native americannks for looking.

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