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wood pendant, Mini Embroidery Hoop Pendant Kit: Rectangle



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On SALE for $3, regula pendantrly $6Ta pendantke your love of stitchery a pendantnd crea pendantte your very own wea pendantra pendantble a pendantrt! These mini embroidery hoop penda pendantnts ma pendantke the perfect showca pendantse for your embroidery, cross stitch, bea pendantutiful fa pendantbric, pa pendantper a pendantnd even photos! Ea pendantch Kit includes:- 1 recta pendantngle penda pendantnt mea pendantsuring 2" x nea pendantrly 1.5" ( two pieces: front a pendantnd ba pendantck)- One 80 cm neckla pendantce cha pendantin of your choice in either Antique Bronze, Antique Bla pendantck or Silver. Plea pendantse indica pendantte. If no neckla pendantce finish is selected "Antique Bronze" will be included.- 1 Ma pendanttching jump ring.- Tips on how to a pendantssemble.Not provided:- Fa pendantbric or finished stitchery. This is intended for you to fill with your choice of embellishment.- Glue. I recommend a pendantdhering fa pendantbric with hot glue a pendantnd pa pendantper with rubber cement. The two wood sections a pendantre best a pendantdhered with super glue.- Rubber ba pendantnds. I ha pendantve found tha pendantt a pendantfter I glue the two sections together tha pendantt the pla pendantstic loom rubber ba pendantnds hold them in pla pendantce nicely while they dry under the weight of a pendant book.

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