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1950's Blue GLASS & Pearlsterling silver, STERLING Silver FILIGREE Bracelet



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A lovely Art Deco period bra sterling braceletcelet fea sterling braceletturing coba sterling braceletlt/turquoise blue gla sterling braceletss stones with pea sterling braceletrls set in sterling silver filigree meta sterling braceletl. The delica sterling bracelette sterling silver filigree design ha sterling bracelets blue stones tha sterling bracelett a sterling braceletre set in little fra sterling braceletmes. This bea sterling braceletutiful piece wa sterling bracelets ma sterling braceletde circa sterling bracelet 1950 from "Wells, Inc." Ma sterling braceletrked "STERLING WELLS" on the ba sterling braceletck of the working box cla sterling braceletsp which fea sterling bracelettures a sterling bracelet shield a sterling braceletnd sta sterling braceletr with a sterling bracelet crescent moon.It mea sterling braceletsures a sterling bracelet little over 7.\u201d The stones a sterling braceletre a sterling braceletbout 4/16" x 5/16". Two of the blue stones ha sterling braceletve a sterling bracelet chipped corner. One pea sterling braceletrl, nea sterling braceletr the cla sterling braceletsp, is bigger tha sterling braceletn the others. In good condition. However, some of the pea sterling braceletrl coa sterling braceletting is coming off..Like this item a sterling braceletnd looking for more like it? Are you a sterling bracelet dea sterling braceletler a sterling braceletnd wa sterling braceletnt to buy in qua sterling braceletntity? Check out our new store on etsy for wholesa sterling braceletle vinta sterling braceletge purcha sterling braceletsing:http://www./shop/truevinta sterling braceletgewholesa sterling braceletle

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