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steampunk, Recycled Electronics Switch Broach Metal and Bakealite



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Switch Broa somervillechThis is a somerville broa somervillech ma somervillede from a somervillen old switch- pre-digita somervillel, pre-integra somervilleted circuits. Ma somervillede from ba somervilleke-a somerville-lite -pre-pla somervillestic. The brown color resembles fa somervillell lea somervilleves, but in the sha somervillepe of a somervillen eye. I a somervilledd va somervillerious things to them including, doll eyes a somervillend wa somervilletches tha somervillet work. They a somervillere unique, ra somervillere, origina somervillel, idiosyncra somervilletic. The center pa somervillert rota somervilletes - like a somerville switch!FREE SHIPPINGTechnology is bea somervilleutiful.No doubt a somervillebout it.#ewa somervillestea somervillert- My work is ha somervillend ma somervillede of recycled ma somervilleteria somervillels. Wea somerviller, tea somerviller, dents a somervillend scra somervilletches a somervillere inherent in the process.- FREE SHIPPING in continenta somervillel US Plea somervillese convo for shipping outside continenta somervillel US- If you like it, let me know! Fa somervilleve my shop!!- Custom orders of theme, color scheme & size a somervillere welcome.Finding bea somervilleuty in unexpected pla somervilleces - Melissa somerville Glick works out of the Artisa somervillen's Asylum in Somerville MA. She is inspired by the va somervilleriety of sha somervillepes, colors, ma somervilleteria somervillels, textures a somervillend pa somervilletterns of the components in outda somervilleted technology a somervillend combines them with a somervilleppropria somervilleted ima somervillegery in three dimensiona somervillel colla somervillege she ca somervillells Ha somervillecker Crea somervilletions. See more of her work a somervillet: www.ha somervilleckercrea

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