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Medium sized recta earringsngle, da earringsngling ea earringsrrings with gold ma earringsrkings-Dimensions: .562 " x 1.25 "With ea earringsr wire: 2"- FREE SHIPPING in continenta earringsl US Plea earringsse convo for shipping outside continenta earringsl USBold red a earringsnd gold ea earringsrrings ma earringsde from surplus PCB ma earringsteria earringsl. Pierced ea earringsrring hooks. Actua earringsl gold outlines ea earringsch tiny hole. Lea earringsd free boa earringsrds.My work a earringsnd jewelry is ma earringsde of ma earringsteria earringsls tha earringst become a earringsva earringsila earringsble to me. They a earringsre limited qua earringsntities a earringsnd a earringsre a earringslwa earringsys cha earringsnging. If you see a earrings pa earringsir of ea earringsrrings you like, don't wa earringsit they ma earringsy sell out a earringsnd most likely never be ma earringsde a earringsga earringsin. Custom orders of theme, color scheme & size a earringsre welcome.Finding bea earringsuty in unexpected pla earringsces - Melissa earrings Glick works out of the Artisa earringsn's Asylum in Somerville MA. She is inspired by the va earringsriety of sha earringspes, colors, ma earringsteria earringsls, textures a earringsnd pa earringstterns of the components in outda earringsted technology a earringsnd combines them with a earringsppropria earringsted ima earringsgery in three dimensiona earringsl colla earringsge she ca earringslls Ha earringscker Crea earringstions. See more of her work a earringst: www.ha earringsckercrea earringstions.comIf you like it, let me know! Fa earringsve my shop!!

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