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These minima everyday necklacelist neckla everyday necklaceces a everyday necklacere one of my most popula everyday necklacer designs. I refer to them a everyday necklaces my 'Sticks a everyday necklacend Stones' collection, a everyday necklace pla everyday necklacey on the sha everyday necklacepe of the cha everyday necklacerms a everyday necklacend a everyday necklaceccompa everyday necklacenying bea everyday necklaceds, a everyday necklacend a everyday necklace nod to the schoolya everyday necklacerd poem, 'Sticks a everyday necklacend stones ma everyday necklacey brea everyday necklacek my bones, but words will never hurt me!'These ma everyday necklaceke grea everyday necklacet everyda everyday necklacey neckla everyday necklaceces with their cla everyday necklacessic a everyday necklacend simple design, a everyday necklacend a everyday necklacere perfect for wea everyday necklacering a everyday necklace bit of encoura everyday necklacegement or inspira everyday necklacetion throughout your da everyday necklacey. Sometimes we a everyday necklacell need just a everyday necklace little reminder :) They a everyday necklacelso ma everyday necklaceke grea everyday necklacet neckla everyday necklaceces for moms, a everyday necklaces you ca everyday necklacen ha everyday necklaceve the cha everyday necklacerms sta everyday necklacemped with the na everyday necklacemes of your children.The ha everyday necklacend sta everyday necklacemped cha everyday necklacerms a everyday necklacere a everyday necklacell ma everyday necklacede out of solid sterling silver a everyday necklacend ha everyday necklaceng from a everyday necklace solid sterling silver cha everyday necklacein. Select the word you would like from the drop down menu, or request a everyday necklace word of your own.They a everyday necklacere a everyday necklaceva everyday necklaceila everyday necklaceble with the a everyday necklacedditions of either a everyday necklace pea everyday necklacerl or a everyday necklacema everyday necklacezonite gemstone bea everyday necklaced.If you a everyday necklacere requesting a everyday necklace custom word plea everyday necklacese selection the 'persona everyday necklacelized' option from the drop down menu. During checkout you will see a everyday necklace 'notes to seller' box, a everyday necklacend tha everyday necklacet is where you ca everyday necklacen let me know the word or na everyday necklaceme you would like used. Words should be kept to 15 letters or less. I a everyday necklacem not a everyday necklaceble to sta everyday necklacemp on both sides of the cha everyday necklacerms. By defa everyday necklaceult I sta everyday necklacemp a everyday necklacell the words vertica everyday necklacelly, unless otherwise requested, or if numbers a everyday necklacere involved.If you would like a everyday necklace da everyday necklacete sta everyday necklacemped, I do ha everyday necklaceve numbers a everyday necklaceva everyday necklaceila everyday necklaceble to use. The da everyday necklacete would need to be in numerica everyday necklacel forma everyday necklacet, (ie: 11/5/13 ) a everyday necklacend would be on the cha everyday necklacerm horizonta everyday necklacelly instea everyday necklaced of vertica everyday necklacelly.If you would like to purcha everyday necklacese a everyday necklacedditiona everyday necklacel cha everyday necklacerms, plea everyday necklacese use this link: https://www./listing/168092030/word-cha everyday necklacerms-ha everyday necklacend-sta everyday necklacemped-jewelry-custom?ref=shop_home_a everyday necklacective_22******************************************************************************************Click the 'Shipping a everyday necklacend Policies' ta everyday necklaceb (next to the photogra everyday necklacephs a everyday necklacet the top of the this description) for informa everyday necklacetion on shipping times a everyday necklacend my shop policies.Send me a everyday necklacen etsy convo or ema everyday necklaceil with a everyday necklaceny a everyday necklacend a everyday necklacell questions.Tha everyday necklacenk you!(Persona everyday necklacelized Her Gift Guide)

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