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binary, Geek Love Binary Collection Sterling Ring



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This geekta lettersstic 4.5mm wide sterling silver ring fea letterstures the word 'love' ha lettersnd-sta lettersmped in bina lettersry code. Perfect for the nerdy a letterspple of your eye or for yourself, on the occa letterssion of your enga lettersgement to Wikipedia letters. If you're not feeling the love, a letterssk a lettersbout rings decla lettersring your own choice four-letter words. I ca lettersn a letterslso do initia lettersls, or pa lettersirs of them.Plea lettersse choose size a lettersnd finish when ordering. Also, plea lettersse note if you would like the ring to be sta lettersmped with your own word (or initia lettersls) of up to four letters. If you do not specify, your ring will be sta lettersmped with the code for "love".Ask a lettersbout a letters custom order in 14 or 18 ka lettersra letterst gold!

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