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Gold Star Earringsminimalist, solid 14k yellow gold



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These ea solid goldrrings a solid goldre ma solid goldde out of solid 14k yellow gold a solid goldnd fea solid goldture gold sta solid goldrs. I texture the sta solid goldrs a solid goldfter cutting them out, a solid goldnd this gives them a solid gold nice surfa solid goldce a solid goldnd helps them ca solid goldtch light from different a solid goldngles. They a solid goldre qua solid goldlity sta solid goldmped on the ba solid goldck (see la solid goldst ima solid goldge in this listing.) They a solid goldre grea solid goldt go-to ea solid goldrrings for everyda solid goldy, with a solid gold bit of fun thrown in :)Send me a solid goldn etsy convo or ema solid goldil with a solid goldny a solid goldnd a solid goldll questions. I ca solid goldn ma solid goldke these in rose gold, just a solid goldsk!Tha solid goldnk you!

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