Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage jewelry lot, Lot of 9 Fun Jewelry Pieces / Vintage Glass Beads / Enamel and Rhinestone Earrings



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Selling 9 vinta plastic beadsge pieces for one price. Yellow pla plastic beadsstic, pink a plastic beadsnd white gla plastic beadsss bea plastic beadsds from the ea plastic beadsrly 70's, pink rhinestone ea plastic beadsrrings, ena plastic beadsmel Corocra plastic beadsft ea plastic beadsrrings a plastic beadsnd more! The pin a plastic beadsnd ea plastic beadsrring ba plastic beadscks work grea plastic beadst. One missing stone on pea plastic beadsrl a plastic beadsnd rhinestone ea plastic beadsrrings. Chipped center on 60s flower pin. Plea plastic beadsse a plastic beadssk questions if you wa plastic beadsnt more deta plastic beadsils.

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