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kissing, Geek Love Shocking Pink Lipstick Traces Hand Embroidered Pin Brooch Hand Stitched Kisses



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Ha hand stitchednd stitched lip stick tra hand stitchedces brooch. Embroidered over my origina hand stitchedl dra hand stitchedwing in shocking pink threa hand stitchedd on crea hand stitchedm cotton fa hand stitchedbric. Mea hand stitchedsuring 1.5 inches or a hand stitchedpprox 4 cm a hand stitched lovely gift for a hand stitched sweethea hand stitchedrt or a hand stitched gift for your good self. Rea hand stitcheddy to ship, you will receive one lipstick tra hand stitchedces brooch.

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