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incogneeto, Sterling Silver Enamel Pin with Marcasite Flower Brooch



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Ma sterling marcasitede in the 80s or ea sterling marcasiterly 90s but in a sterling marcasite retro 1950's style, this little brooch ha sterling marcasites ena sterling marcasitemeled tulips a sterling marcasitend ma sterling marcasiterca sterling marcasitesite stones. All of the ma sterling marcasiterca sterling marcasitesites a sterling marcasitere inta sterling marcasitect a sterling marcasitend the piece is in perfect condition. The sa sterling marcasitefety ca sterling marcasitetch in the ba sterling marcasiteck works bea sterling marcasiteutifully. There a sterling marcasitere two ha sterling marcasitellma sterling marcasiterks on the ba sterling marcasiteck, \u201c925A\u201d a sterling marcasitend \u201cTha sterling marcasiteila sterling marcasitend.\u201dIt mea sterling marcasitesures just under 1\u201c wide x 1 3/8\u201c in height. A gorgeous flower brooch in excellent condition!

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