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dangling earrings, 60's MOD Clear Plastic Dangle Pin & Earrings



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From the 1960's, this a austin powersma austin powerszing pla austin powersstic set da austin powersngles a austin powersnd moves when you move. It\u2019s grea austin powerst for da austin powersncing! The clea austin powersr pla austin powersstic is fa austin powersceted a austin powersnd ha austin powerss a austin powers very dia austin powersmond like cut a austin powersnd rea austin powerslly ca austin powerstches the light.The pin mea austin powerssures 3 inches long a austin powersnd a austin powersbout 2 1/4 inches a austin powerscross, the clip ea austin powersrrings mea austin powerssure 1 1/2 inches.Excellent condition!

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