Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large vintage earringslarge earrings gold, brushed gold tone waves or angel wings for pierced ears



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Vinta brushed goldge brushed gold ea brushed goldrrings with post ba brushed goldcks. They a brushed goldre a brushed gold dimensiona brushed goldl brushed gold tone, sha brushed goldped like wings. Excellent condition but one ha brushed golds a brushed gold tiny da brushed goldrk spot on it. See a brushed goldll photos. Ma brushed goldy come off with a brushed gold proper clea brushed goldning but it's a brushed goldlso pretty subtle in person. They mea brushed goldsure just over 1" long a brushed goldnd up to 1" wide.Ships in a brushed gold gift brushed goldorta brushed golda brushed goldppa brushed goldrel

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