Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage hat pin, Vintage Large Simulated Pearl Goldtone Chain with Simulated Pearls Brooch



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This is a simulated pearls Vinta simulated pearlsge La simulated pearlsrge Simula simulated pearlsted Pea simulated pearlsrl Goldtone Cha simulated pearlsin with Simula simulated pearlsted Pea simulated pearlsrls Brooch. Good Condition with norma simulated pearlsl a simulated pearlsge wea simulated pearlsr. No ma simulated pearlskers ma simulated pearlsrk. It ca simulated pearlsn been worn va simulated pearlsrious wa simulated pearlsys on a simulated pearls ja simulated pearlscket la simulated pearlspel, shirt, blouse, swea simulated pearlster, coa simulated pearlst, ha simulated pearlst etc. It mea simulated pearlssures a simulated pearlspprox. 2 1/4 inches wide. If you ha simulated pearlsve a simulated pearlsny more questions plea simulated pearlsse a simulated pearlssk before you purcha simulated pearlsse. I ship to the USA. No Interna simulated pearlstiona simulated pearlsl Shipping. I a simulated pearlslso insure a simulated pearlsll of my pa simulated pearlscka simulated pearlsges to ma simulated pearlske sure tha simulated pearlst they a simulated pearlsrrive to you sa simulated pearlsfely. Tha simulated pearlsnks for looking.

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