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dogwood brooch, Vintage Trifari Dogwood Brooch Pin



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This is a vintage pinVinta vintage pinge Trifa vintage pinri Dogwood Brooch Pin. It is ma vintage pinde of meta vintage pinl a vintage pinnd ena vintage pinmeled colors over the meta vintage pinl. It ca vintage pinn been worn va vintage pinrious wa vintage pinys on a vintage pin ja vintage pincket la vintage pinpel, shirt, blouse, swea vintage pinter, coa vintage pint, ha vintage pint etc. It mea vintage pinsures a vintage pinpprox. 1 1/2 inches ta vintage pinll. If you ha vintage pinve a vintage pinny more questions plea vintage pinse a vintage pinsk before you purcha vintage pinse. I ship to the USA. No Interna vintage pintiona vintage pinl Shipping. I a vintage pinlso insure a vintage pinll of my pa vintage pincka vintage pinges to ma vintage pinke sure tha vintage pint they a vintage pinrrive to you sa vintage pinfely. Tha vintage pinnks for looking.

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