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hollywood prop, Vintage Barse Sterling Silver Multi Color Stones Surrounding Turquoise Ring



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This is Vinta turquoise sterlingge Ba turquoise sterlingrse Sterling Silver Ring with Multi Color Stones Surrounding a turquoise sterling Turquoise Ova turquoise sterlingl Center. Ring. Size is 6.5 a turquoise sterlinglmost 7. Good Condition with norma turquoise sterlingl a turquoise sterlingge wea turquoise sterlingr, but it does ha turquoise sterlingve one stone tha turquoise sterlingt ha turquoise sterlings a turquoise sterling chip. A jeweler could fix it or it ca turquoise sterlingn be worn a turquoise sterlings is. I ship to the USA. No Interna turquoise sterlingtiona turquoise sterlingl shipping. I a turquoise sterlinglso insure a turquoise sterlingll of my pa turquoise sterlingcka turquoise sterlingges to the USA to ma turquoise sterlingke sure tha turquoise sterlingt they a turquoise sterlingrrive to you sa turquoise sterlingfely. Any questions, plea turquoise sterlingse a turquoise sterlingsk before purcha turquoise sterlingsing. Tha turquoise sterlingnks for looking.

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