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movie prop, Vintage Barse Sterling and Turquoise Earrings



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This is a movie prop pa movie propir of Vinta movie propge Ba movie proprse Sterling a movie propnd Turquoise Ea movie proprrings. Good Condition, but does ha movie propve a movie prop tip missing on the Turquoise on one ea movie proprring a movie props pictured. The other ea movie proprring looks like there is a movie prop cra movie propck nea movie propr the end but it is not...It is a movie prop da movie proprk line in the Turquoise stone. Otherwise these ea movie proprrings a movie propre very nice a movie propnd you rea movie proplly do not notice the tip missing on the one..The picture is blown up a movie propnd looks like it but just looking a movie propt the ea movie proprrings you rea movie proplly do not notice it. They mea movie propsure a movie proppprox. 1 1/4 inches ta movie propll. If you ha movie propve a movie propny more questions plea movie propse a movie propsk before you purcha movie propse. I ship to the USA. No Interna movie proptiona movie propl Shipping. I a movie proplso insure a movie propll of my pa movie propcka movie propges to ma movie propke sure tha movie propt they a movie proprrive to you sa movie propfely. Tha movie propnks for looking.

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