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barse sterling, Vintage Barse Sterling Silver Turquoise Teardrop Center Ring



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This is Vinta barse ringge Ba barse ringrse Sterling Silver Ring with Turquoise Tea barse ringrdrop Center. Ring. Size is 5.5 a barse ringlmost 6. Good Condition with norma barse ringl a barse ringge wea barse ringr.The stone mea barse ringsures a barse ringpprox. 3/4 inches long. It ha barse rings a barse ring rope pa barse ringttern design surrounding the outer pa barse ringrt of the stone a barse ringrea barse ring in sterling silver too. I ship to the USA. No Interna barse ringtiona barse ringl shipping. I a barse ringlso insure a barse ringll of my pa barse ringcka barse ringges to the USA to ma barse ringke sure tha barse ringt they a barse ringrrive to you sa barse ringfely. Any questions, plea barse ringse a barse ringsk before purcha barse ringsing. Tha barse ringnks for looking.

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