Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

collection of 3 vintage bead strand necklaces . whitewhite necklaces, plastic facetedwhite necklaces, silver gray pearls



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Collection of 3 vinta beaded necklacesge bea beaded necklacesd stra beaded necklacesnd neckla beaded necklacesces. First is a beaded necklaces gold a beaded necklacesnd white neckla beaded necklacesce with chunky oversized bea beaded necklacesds, some with a beaded necklaces pa beaded necklacesrtia beaded necklaceslly fla beaded necklacesttened look, a beaded necklacesnd a beaded necklaces sma beaded necklacesll length of ena beaded necklacesmel cha beaded necklacesin. It mea beaded necklacessures 32" long. Next is a beaded necklaces pla beaded necklacesstic fa beaded necklacesceted stra beaded necklacesnd mea beaded necklacessuring 24" long. La beaded necklacesst but no lea beaded necklacesst is a beaded necklaces pretty, silvery gra beaded necklacesy freshwa beaded necklacester pea beaded necklacesrl (cultured or imita beaded necklacestion) stra beaded necklacesnd mea beaded necklacessuring 22" long. All a beaded necklacesre in excellent condition. You will receive a beaded necklacesll three.Ships in a beaded necklaces gift box.I combine shipping on multiple items.Vinta beaded necklacesge jewelry:https://www./shop/a beaded necklacesorta beaded necklaces? beaded necklacesorta beaded necklacesa beaded necklacesppa beaded necklacesrel

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