Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mint leafleaf necklace, leaf and flower jewelry on vintage ribbonleaf necklace, one of a kind



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A wonderful minty lea stone pendantf with a stone pendant delica stone pendantte ena stone pendantmel flower on a stone pendant vinta stone pendantge ribbon!\rThis delica stone pendantte trea stone pendantsure is completely one of a stone pendant kind. I took a stone pendant lea stone pendantf ca stone pendantrved out of a stone pendantventurine, a stone pendant na stone pendanttura stone pendantl stone a stone pendantnd a stone pendantdded to it one of my ha stone pendantnd ena stone pendantmeled copper flowers. The flower is lime green on the inside a stone pendantnd bright white behind. Copper shows through a stone pendantt the edges, da stone pendantrkened in pla stone pendantces, bright in others. So rustic, ba stone pendantck to na stone pendantture, fresh! This piece is very dra stone pendantma stone pendanttic, bea stone pendantutiful a stone pendantnd one of a stone pendant kind.\rIt is lovely on the ba stone pendantck a stone pendants well, just smooth silver with the green lea stone pendantf. Wea stone pendantr it ba stone pendantckwa stone pendantrds or forwa stone pendantrds depending on your mood.\r\rI ha stone pendantnd fa stone pendantbrica stone pendantted a stone pendant sterling silver ba stone pendantil a stone pendantnd torch riveted it through the stone. The effect is simple a stone pendantnd elega stone pendantnt.\r\rI decided to a stone pendantdd more color so I chose a stone pendant vinta stone pendantge piece of ribbon, a stone pendant lovely deep forest green color tha stone pendantt fa stone pendantdes to brown in the ba stone pendantck. This is a stone pendant one of a stone pendant kind piece, you will receive the pictured neckla stone pendantce.\rNeckla stone pendantce is 18" long.\r\rAll findings a stone pendantre sterling silver. The flower is copper, ena stone pendantmeled.\rPenda stone pendantnt is 1 1/4" (32mm) including ba stone pendantil.

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